Music Services

Music Service

Custom Audio Tracks

Music can give an image so much power and emotions. Audio Twitch offers music created for easy use in small or big projects without extra fee’s. But what if the song you want doesn’t  fit.
Before buying, you should get in contact with the producers. They will offer you feedback on what is possible with the requested song. The price will be determined depending on the amount of changes. After receiving the altered version, it is still possible revise the song one more time without extra fee’s.

Original Song
If you want an entire new song, you just need to contact us via the website.

Mixing & Mastering

Twitch Audio has a working relationship with TwentyTwelve Audio and Hal5 studios. This studio assists during bigger projects with the whole recording, mixing and mastering process.
It is possible to send a single project to the studio or your entire album (mixed) for mastering.

Sound Design

Film & Games
‘Audio Twitch’ music and sound effects are custom-designed . With guidance from your pictures, music is composed to accommodate all the details.
Take a quick glance on de pruducer page to get more of an idea.

Next too digital sound effects, there are also foley recordings. Foley is the art of developing daily sound effects such as swishing  sounds of clothing, footsteps, the crack of a door and breaking glass.
It takes into account timing and spatial environment (delay, reverb etc.).

Voice Over Recording / ADR

Does your movie lack a soothing voice that explains what is happening on the screen? Or is the recorded voice of your action hero a bit in the distance? We can fix that with some voice recording and on-screen editing. Re-record your actors in the studio and we give them the right volume and spatial environment.