Remco Sipma2Who is Remco Sipma?

Remco was born on 20-03-1988 in Leeuwarden. Remco Sipma is a multimedia-engineer from the Nederlands and owner of Audio Twitch. Graduated in Communication Multimedia Design (2012) at the NHL in Leeuwarden. And currently advancing his audio engineering skills at SAE Amsterdam.

His whole live he has been fascinated by the sounds around him. If it was music, from television or the street, the sound intrigued him. The only logical thing that would happen is that he would start up in the audio industry. Creating and shaping beautiful sounds around him to accompany moving pictures.

Featured Work

Muffiosi (birthday song) – iPad  – Crozzroads Game Download
*music production

Rise of Athana – Oculus Rift – Crozzroads Game Download
*music production *mix & mastering

SpineCones – Dyna
*music production

SpineCones – Might
*music production

Logged Out – AFK – EP
*music production *mixing

Click here for the full EP.

Inu Inu – Sauerkraut


Inu Inu – Spice


Night Night demo tracks
*recording *mixing *mastering

Dutch Comic Con – Fox Commerical
*music production *voice over *mixing

Partick Mathurin en De Nieuwe Sint – Sta Op Voor Je Recht
*recording *mixing *mastering *vocal tuning


Hansel & Gretel: The Legacy of Magus
*music production


Sidijk – Air Track Original
*music production


Vage Vuur -48 Hour Film Project 2017 Utrecht
*music production


Final Cut -48 Hour Film Project 2016 Leeuwarden
*music production *boom operator


En Femme -48 Hour Film Project 2015 Leeuwarden
*music production


The Dutchess -48 Hour Film Project 2014 Leeuwarden
*music production *sound design **best sound design


#SUPERHELD – 48 Hour Film Project 2013 Leeuwarden
*music production *boom operator


Anathema 2013 – Artisan Creative
*music production


De Houthavens – Crozzroads
*music production


ELS – Espresso Lunch & Smoothies
*music production


ELS – Espresso Lunch & Smoothies *track


Dance Company 058 – Demoteam Promo
*sound design *foley